Dayr Hafir District

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Dayr Hafir District (Arabic: منطقة دير حافر‎ / ALA-LC: manṭiqat Dayr Ḥāfir) is a district (mantiqah) administratively belonging to Aleppo Governorate, Syria. Its administrative centre is the city of Dayr Ḥāfir. The population of the district is 91,124 as per the 2004 official census.

Until December 2008, this district was part of Bāb District.[1]


The district of Dayr Hafir is divided into three sub-districts or Nāḥiyas (population according to 2004 official census):


Coordinates: 36°09′N 37°42′E / 36.150°N 37.700°E / 36.150; 37.700