Days That Shook the World

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Days That Shook the World
DSW book1.jpg
Country of originUnited Kingdom
Original language(s)English
No. of series3
No. of episodes30
Executive producer(s)David Upshal
Richard Bradley
Chris Kelly
Producer(s)David Bartlett
Stuart Elliott
Running time60 minutes
Original networkBBC Two
Original release17 September 2003 (2003-09-17)

Days That Shook the World is a British documentary television series that premiered on BBC Two on 17 September 2003. The programme features various milestones throughout history. It has been broadcast on the BBC, Discovery Channel UK, The History Channel and Viasat History.

The series was also released on DVD by the Polish edition of Newsweek in 2007.


Series Episode Title
Pilot First in Flight: The Wright Brothers/Apollo 11 Moon Landing
1 1 The Coronation of Elizabeth II/The Death of Diana
1 2 The Assassination of Franz Ferdinand/The Death of Adolf Hitler
1 3 The Assassination of Martin Luther King/The Release of Nelson Mandela
1 4 Hiroshima
1 5 The Murder of the Romanovs/The Fall of the Berlin Wall
1 6 Kristallnacht/The Birth of Israel
1 7 Tutankhamun's Tomb/Deciphering the Rosetta Stone
1 8 Black September Hijackings/Lockerbie
1 9 First Nuclear Reaction/Chernobyl
1 10 The Assassination of JFK/The Resignation of Nixon
1 11 Marconi's First Transatlantic Radio Transmission/Concorde's First Transatlantic Flight
1 12 Faster than Sound: Chuck Yeager/Donald Campbell
2 1 Disaster in the Sky: The Hindenburg/Challenger Disaster
2 2 The Christmas Truce
2 3 Attack on Pearl Harbor
2 4 Grand Heist: The Theft of the Crown Jewels/The Great Train Robbery
2 5 Conspiracy to Kill: The Real Day of the Jackal/Wolf's Lair
2 6 Reach For The Stars: Trials of Galileo/Yuri Gagarin's Flight
2 7 Dinosaurs & Duplicity: Discovery of the First Dinosaur/Piltdown Man
2 8 Terrorism: Assassination of Abraham Lincoln/Oklahoma City bombing
2 9 Cold War Spies: 1960 U-2 incident/Spy swap of Abel, Pryor and Powers
2 10 Affairs of the Crown: The Execution of Anne Boleyn/The Abdication of Edward VIII
3 1 The Cost of Betrayal: The Defection of Burgess & MacLean/The Execution of the Rosenbergs
3 2 Rule of the Gun: The O.K. Corral/Saint Valentine's Day Massacre
3 3 Fact or Fiction: The War of the Worlds/Hitler Diaries
3 4 The War to End All Wars
3 5 Let Freedom Ring: The Boston Tea Party/The Independence of India
3 6 Battle For The Holy City: The Six-Day War
3 7 The Battle of Midway
3 8 The Road To Revolution: The Execution of Ceauşescu/The Iranian Revolution


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