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Dazed Spring 2020 Selena Gomez.jpg
Dazed Spring 2020 cover, featuring Selena Gomez
EditorIbrahim Kamara [1]
Fashion DirectorImruh Asha
Art DirectorGareth Wrighton
CategoriesFashion, lifestyle
PublisherDazed Media
Year founded1991
CountryUnited Kingdom
Based inLondon, England

Dazed (Dazed & Confused until February 2014) is a bi-monthly British style magazine founded in 1991. It covers music, fashion, film, art, and literature. Dazed is published by Dazed Media, an independent media group known for producing stories across its print, digital and video brands. The company's portfolio includes titles AnOther, Dazed Beauty and NOWNESS. The company's newest division, Dazed Studio, creates brand campaigns across the luxury and lifestyle sectors. Based in London, its founding editors are Jefferson Hack and fashion photographer Rankin. This is in addition to editor-in-chief Ibrahim Kamara, editorial director Kacion Mayers, art director Gareth Wrighton and fashion director Imruh Asha. Beyond its UK headquarters, today Dazed also holds offices in Korea and China.[2]


Dazed was begun[3] by Jefferson Hack, and Rankin while they were studying at London College of Printing (now London College of Communications).[4] Beginning as a black-and-white folded poster[5] the magazine soon turned full colour and was promoted at London club nights. The Norwegian photographer and later Hells Angel Marcel Leliënhof [6] was involved with the magazine in the first editions, as was the stylist Katie Grand.

Today it is an independent youth culture magazine, distributed globally, covering fashion, art, music and lifestyle. There has been some discussion regarding the choice of title, but it is generally considered to have been inspired by the Led Zeppelin song of the same name.

While Dazed continues to work with different brands today with events such as conferences, receptions and workshops, a few of the famous brands they have worked with includes Adidas, Louis Vuitton, Dior, Calvin Klein, Chanel, Burberry, Nike, YouTube, Prada, and Off-White. [7]

Dazed Digital[edit]

Dazeddigital.com launched in November 2006 with a dedicated editorial and video team covering news, fashion, culture, music and art.[8] Its editor is Anna Cafolla.[9] Each year it publishes the Dazed 100, a list of the hundred most influential people shaping youth culture.[10] The Dazed 100 ran in partnership with Calvin Klein CK One in 2016 and 2017, in 2018 the launch event was in partnership with YouTube Music,[11] the 2020 list was in partnership with Converse.[12][13] The list is interactive and ranked by readers.[14] In 2020 Dazed and Converse have partnered to establish the Dazed 100 Ideas Fund, no longer highlighting a single winner the online votes will fund creative and philanthropic ideas from the Dazed 100 list.[citation needed]

Dazed Beauty[edit]

In September 2018, Dazed launched Dazed Beauty, a community platform dedicated to redefining the language and communication of beauty.[15] Its editor-in-chief is Bunney Kinney.[15]


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