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Database-Packed File
Filename extension .db, .dat, .Package, .SC4, .SC4Model, .SC4Lot
Magic number DBPF
Developed by Electronic Arts
Type of format media container/file archive
Container for audio, graphics, 3d models, scripts

DBPF, or Database-Packed File, is a file used by Electronic Arts to store and index data inside a single file for several computer games. These games include SimCity 4, The Sims 2, The Sims Online, Spore/Spore Creature Creator, The Sims 3, Tetris Blitz, SimCity remake and The Sims 4.

Like many game data formats, the file is able to archive several files used by the game. These may include graphics, 3d models, animations, sound files, and scripts.

This particular file format uses more than one filename extension. These include:

  • .dat (Data provided with the SimCity 4, user downloadable plugins/mods for SimCity 4)
  • .SC4Model (User created building models for SimCity 4)
  • .SC4Lot (User created lots for SimCity 4)
  • .SC4 (Savegame file provided with SimCity 4, User created savegame files for SimCity 4)
  • .Package (Data provided with The Sims 2, user downloadable plugins/mods for The Sims 2, data files for SPORE, data files for The Sims 3 and data files for SimCity)
  • .db (internal use in games such as Tetris Blitz)

In most cases, DBPF files are not named with a .dbpf extension; one can determine that the file is a DBPF file by looking at its header in a hex editor. The first four bytes in ASCII of every DBPF file read DBPF.

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Editors and viewers[edit]

  • Postal, DBPF2 editor (Sims 3, Spore). The web site advertise it is a "Sims 3 package editor and API".
  • SimPE, DBPF editor. Does not read Spore/Sims 3 packages
  • libfar, DBPF viewer

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