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DCMA Collective
Industry Clothing
Founded Spring 2006
Headquarters Los Angeles
New York, NY
Key people
Joel Madden
Benji Madden
Josh Madden
Tal Cooperman
Website www.dcmacollective.com

DCMA Collective is an American "lifestyle brand" clothing company owned by Benji and Joel Madden, from the band Good Charlotte, their older brother Josh Madden and friend Tal Cooperman.


The Madden brothers had previously founded a clothing line named 'MADE' around 2002. However the line was defunct by 2006.

In the spring of 2006 the Madden twins teamed up with Tal Cooperman and brother Josh Madden to launch a new clothing brand named 'DCMA Collective' later in the year their T-Shirts were available online.

Benji and Joel are the two frontmen for the multi-platinum band, Good Charlotte. Josh Madden made a name for himself in New York City as a stylist. Tal Cooperman has worked in product placement and music marketing with brands such as Vestal, DVS, Matix and Reebok.

The Madden family hails from Waldorf, Maryland, which is a suburb of the District of Columbia (DC). This is where "DCMA" comes from: "DC Made" hence ³DCMA². The brand icon is the brass knuckles, which symbolizes the bond the founders share as well as their belief in working with friends and family.

The founders combine to create the aesthetic of DCMA. The design of DCMA reflects each of the founder's individual taste. Their inspiration has roots in music, high fashion, graffiti, and graphic design.

After a more successful start to the company than predecessor 'Made' by the end of 2007 DCMA expanded its product line to also offer Hoodies, Caps and accessories.

Good Charlotte mentioned the brand and the brass knuckle icon in their song 2007 song "Keep Your Hands Off My Girl" with the lyrics "now I got Bathing Ape,I got DCMA, I got brass knuckles hanging, From my neck and my chain."

The first DCMA flagship store opened on March 15, 2008 at 645 N Martel Ave, Los Angeles. It sold all the brands products that previously could only be bought online and also offered fans the chance to "bump" into many of the celebrities including members of Good Charlotte, Avenged Sevenfold and athletes including Ryan Sheckler and Carey Hart who often visited the store and support the brand.

In late 2008 DCMA collaborated with K-Swiss to produce a range of footwear branded "K-DCMA". K-DCMA shoes were released online on December 18, 2008, after a release party the night before which was attended by the owners and celebrities such as Joe Hahn, Tila Tequila, Audrina Patridge, and Nicole Richie.

There are many celebrity supporters of the brand who can often be seen wearing DCMA Collective clothing to raise awareness of the company, including Lostprophets, Three 6 Mafia, Carey Hart, Good Charlotte band members, Ryan Sheckler, Escape the Fate, IT Boys, Nicole Richie and Avenged Sevenfold. Joel and Benji themselves have been wearing DCMA commonly since the company was founded.

In February 2011 the store was closed but DCMA stressed in their blog the company was not closing simply moving offices. "Unfortunately we are moving offices and have to close down the store. We are in NO way shutting down the company."

Since the store closure there has been a few new designs released infrequently, Distributors such as Tillys and PacSun have had no DCMA in stock for some time but items are still available on the official online store.

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