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DDD or Triple D may refer to:

Science and medicine[edit]

Computers and technology[edit]

  • Data Display Debugger or GNU DDD, a popular graphical user interface for command-line debuggers
  • Digital Divide Data, a social enterprise providing disadvantaged youths in Cambodia, Laos and Kenya with IT education and training
  • Direct distance dialing, a method for telephone subscribers to call long distance numbers without operator assistance
  • DDD, the SPARS code for music which was recorded, mixed, and mastered digitally
  • Domain-driven design, a methodology and set of priorities for object oriented programming
  • Developer! Developer! Developer!, a series of community conferences for software developers
  • 3D Systems (DDD), a company that makes devices for stereolithography or 3D printing

Entertainment and popular culture[edit]


  • DDD (album), a 2000 album by Poster Children named after the pure digital SPARS code
  • "DDD" (song), a 2005 song by Kumi Koda



Other uses[edit]

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