De'e Township

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De'e Township
Coordinates: 24°38′11″N 105°10′00″E / 24.6365°N 105.1667°E / 24.6365; 105.1667Coordinates: 24°38′11″N 105°10′00″E / 24.6365°N 105.1667°E / 24.6365; 105.1667[1]
Country China
Region Guangxi
Prefecture-level city Baise
County Longlin
Time zone China Standard (UTC+8)

De'e Township (simplified Chinese: ; traditional Chinese: 德峨鄉; pinyin: Dé'é Xiāng) is under the administration of Longlin Various Nationalities Autonomous County, Guangxi, China, located in the southwest of the county. It is inhabited by several ethnic minorities, including the Miao, Yi, Gelao, and Zhuang. Ethnic minorities account for 93.6 percent of the village's population.[1]

Each year, at the beginning of the lunar new year, the Tiapo Festival (; pinyin: Tiàopō Jié; literally "leaping on the hillsides festival"), a Miao festival featuring the music and dance, is held.[2][3] Other nationalities living in the area, including the Yi, Gelao, Zhuang, and Han, also participate in this festival.


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