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De Afrekening is a Belgian radio and record chart broadcasting program featured on Studio Brussel (commonly referred to as "StuBru"). During the program, thirty top-rating alternative tracks are played, with the chart being assembled by the program's audience via a voting poll system. Two or three times each year, StuBru will release an album featuring the program's most popular chart tracks. Beginning in 1990, albums are still released today and continue to prove popular with fans.

Since the chart is assembled via voting, unexpected results and outcomes will sometimes occur. One such instance occurred on 19 April 2006, with two separate songs placing first after receiving an equal number of votes. The songs in question were Placebo's "Song to Say Goodbye," and A Brand's "Hammerhead". Another historical event occurred on 31 May 2006. For the first time ever, a song featured on the annual Eurovision Song Contest entered the charts. This song was Lordi's "Hard Rock Hallelujah."

At the end of each year, the most popular songs of that year is assembled. This chart is known as the "Eindafrekening," or by its nickname "De Afvaardiging."

The chart is also broadcast on TMF Flanders

Most popular of the year ("Eindafrekening")[edit]

  • From 1985 to present[1]
Year Artist Track
1985 Simple Minds "Alive and Kicking"
1986 Madonna "Papa Don't Preach"
1987 XTC "Dear God"
1988 Tracy Chapman "Fast Car"
1989 R.E.M. "Orange Crush"
1990 The Scabs "Hard Times"
1991 R.E.M. "Losing my Religion"
1992 U2 "One"
1993 Rage Against the Machine "Killing in the Name"
1994 Magnapop "Lay It Down"
1995 dEUS "Hotellounge"
1996 dEUS "Little Arithmetics"
1997 Radiohead "Karma Police"
1998 K's Choice "Believe"
1999 dEUS "Instant Street"
2000 Live "They Stood Up for Love"
2001 Tool "Schism"
2002 Red Hot Chili Peppers "By the Way"
2003 Muse "Time Is Running Out"
2004 Franz Ferdinand "The Dark of the Matinee"
2005 Interpol "Evil"
2006 A Brand "Hammerhead"
2007 Milow "You Don't Know"
2008 dEUS "The Architect"
2009[2] Customs "Rex"
2010 The Van Jets "The Future"
2011 Foo Fighters "Walk"
2012 Arctic Monkeys "R U Mine?"
2013 Bastille "Pompeii"
2014 Oscar and the Wolf "Strange Entity"
2015[3] Muse "Mercy"


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