De Blauwe Aanslag

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De Blauwe Aanslag in 2002

De Blauwe Aanslag was a squat in the Dutch city of The Hague. The property was a former tax office which was squatted in 1980. The name refers the blue envelops in which the Dutch tax administration sends its mail in, i.a. the tax assessments, in Dutch called "aanslag".

When the local council took over the ownership of the building, it was agreed to renovate it in three stages, with the squatters living there. However the plans changed and since 1995 the council decided to widen the roads next to the building; for this reason the squat needed to be demolished. After many efforts to block the demolition with lawsuits, the squatters were evicted by military police on 3 October 2003.

De Blauwe Aanslag was the first home of Radio Tonka, an ongoing free radio project.

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