De Gasperi III Cabinet

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De Gasperi III Cabinet
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2nd cabinet of Italy
Alcide de Gasperi 2.jpg
Date formed2 February 1947
Date dissolved1 June 1947
People and organisations
Head of stateEnrico De Nicola
Head of governmentAlcide De Gasperi
Total no. of ministers15
Member partyDC, PSI, PCI, PRI, PLD
PredecessorDe Gasperi II Cabinet
SuccessorDe Gasperi IV Cabinet

The De Gasperi III Cabinet held office from 2 February 1947 until 1 June 1947, a total of 119 days, or 3 months and 30 days.[1]

Parties involved in the cabinet[edit]

The government was composed by the following parties:

Party Ideology Leader
Christian Democracy (DC) Christian democracy Alcide De Gasperi
Italian Socialist Party (PSI) Socialism Pietro Nenni
Italian Communist Party (PCI) Communism Palmiro Togliatti
Italian Republican Party (PRI) Social liberalism Randolfo Pacciardi
Labour Democratic Party (PLD) Social democracy Ivanhoe Bonomi

Investiture votes[edit]

Investiture votes for De Gasperi III Cabinet
House of Parliament Vote Parties Votes
Constituent Assembly ☑Y Yes DC (207), PSIUP (115), PCI (104), UDN (41), PRI (23), PdA (7), Others (6)
503 / 556
☒N No UQ (30), BNL (16), MIS (4), Others (3)
53 / 556


Office Name Party Term
Prime Minister Alcide De Gasperi Christian Democracy (1947–1947)
Minister of the Interior Mario Scelba Christian Democracy (1947–1947)
Minister of Foreign Affairs Carlo Sforza Italian Republican Party (1947–1947)
Minister of Grace and Justice Fausto Gullo Italian Communist Party (1947–1947)
Minister of Finance and Treasury Pietro Campilli Christian Democracy (1947–1947)
Minister of War Luigi Gasparotto Labour Democratic Party (1947–1947)
Minister of Italian Africa Alcide De Gasperi Christian Democracy (1947–1947)
Minister of Industry and Commerce Rodolfo Morandi Italian Socialist Party (1947–1947)
Minister of Foreign Trade Ezio Vanoni Christian Democracy (1947–1947)
Minister of Agriculture and Forests Antonio Segni Christian Democracy (1947–1947)
Minister of Public Works Emilio Sereni Italian Socialist Party (1947–1947)
Minister of Labour and Social Security Giuseppe Romita Italian Socialist Party (1947–1947)
Minister of Public Education Guido Gonella Christian Democracy (1947–1947)
Minister of Transports Giacomo Ferrari Italian Communist Party (1947–1947)
Minister of Merchant Navy Salvatore Aldisio Christian Democracy (1947–1947)
Minister of Telecommunications Luigi Cacciatore Italian Socialist Party (1947–1947)
Secretary of the Council of Ministers Paolo Cappa Christian Democracy (1946–1947)