De Geer

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De Geer
Noble family
Van Lintelo De Geer wapen 1903.svg
Country  Netherlands
Founded 14th century

De Geer (also: De Geer van Jutphaas and De Geer van Oudegein) is a family of Walloon origin that belongs to the Swedish and Dutch nobility.


The name is derived from the town of Geer near Liège). The oldest known ancestor is Lambier de Geer, lord of Gaillarmont, who died in 1399 in Liège. His descendant Louys de Geer (1535-1602) moved from Liège to Aachen and later to Dordrecht in the Dutch Republic for religious reasons. Next generations became notable in Sweden and the Netherlands from the early 17th century, mainly centered on the iron foundry company town Finspång, but often extending to science, art and national politics. The larger, Swedish branch of the family retained its contacts with the Netherlands. Some of them hold the title baron. Both branches are still in existence and continue to thrive.

Notable members in selection[edit]


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