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De la Chapelle emblem

DeLaChapelle is a French independent car builder. Founded in the early 1970s by Xavier De La Chapelle, a former Venturi director, the brand started as a Bugatti replica maker.

The De La Chapelle family have an historic automobile legacy with the Stimula marque.

In 1998 they created the Roadster, their second own creation.

They also make mini real-cars for children.

The Replicas are powered by BMW (Straight-6), the Roadster by Peugeot (Straight-4/V6) and the concept car by Mercedes (V8/V12).

Current models[edit]


De la Chapelle Type 55
  • DLC type 55
  • DLC Tourer
  • DLC Grand-Prix
  • DLC Atalante

Proper models[edit]

De La Chapelle Roadster
  • DLC Parcours
  • DLC Roadster

Junior replica models[edit]

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