De La Salle Andres Soriano Memorial College

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De La Salle Andrés Soriano Memorial College
Motto Ad Deum Per Fidem, Mores, Cultura
Motto in English
To God Through Faith, Morals, and Culture
Type Private,
Established 1965
Affiliation Roman Catholic, Lasallian
President Dr. Genesa P. Paragados
Administrative staff
Students 7,000+[1]
Location Toledo, Cebu, Philippines
Campus 6.9 hectares

The De La Salle Andrés Soriano Memorial College (DLSASMC) is a Lasallian district school located in Lutopan, Toledo, Cebu in the Philippines. The college site occupies 6.9 hectares. The institution is named in memory of Andrés Soriano, Sr., a prominent Filipino businessman.


The Andrés Soriano Memorial College was established as a school at the request of the Soriano family, on behalf of the Atlas Consolidated Mining Development Corporation, to Br. Philip Nelan FSC, who was then the Sub-Provincial of the Philippine Sub-District. It was opened in 1965 (ASMC - La Salle was named or known before as Andrés Soriano Memorial School - La Salle or ASMS - La Salle).

Since its establishment, the De La Salle Brothers have supervised the school through formal contracts and contacts or through its Board of Trustees. By an act of the District Council of the De La Salle Brothers in the Philippines in 1995, the school became a District Affiliate School.

In 2000, the school was granted college status by the Commission on Higher Education and in 2004, the Brothers community at La Salle Green Hills adopted it as its outreach school. On July 3, 2006, by a decision of the District Council and the National Mission Council of De La Salle Philippines, the ASMC was accepted as a District School. The ceremony of acceptance took place on the campus and was witnessed by its students, faculty, staff, parents, alumni, and personnel of the Atlas Consolidated Mining and Development Corporation.

Lutopan as the place is commonly known, lives by its official name as Bry. Don Andrés Soriano (DAS), Toledo City.


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