De La Salle College, Orange

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De La Salle College, Orange was a Catholic boys' School located in Orange, New South Wales. It was located in Summer Street.

Patrician Brothers[edit]

The Patrician Brothers, an Irish order of Catholic teaching brothers, established a boys' school in Orange in 1890.[1] Fourteen ex-students died in World War I.[2]

The Patrician Brothers left Orange in 1927, when Bishop O'Farrell expelled the order from all schools in the Bathurst diocese following a dispute over syllabuses.[3]

De La Salle Brothers[edit]

The De La Salle Brothers arrived in 1928 to take over the school. Additions to the Summer Street site opened in 1937[4] and a handball court in 1939.[5]

In 1977 the school was absorbed into the co-educational James Sheahan Catholic High School.[6]

Notable alumni[edit]


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