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De La Salle College, Dundalk
Coláiste De La Salle, Dún Dealgan
Dundalk, County Louth
Motto Recta Sapere
('Knowing What is Right')
Established 1899
Principal Mrs. Patricia O'Leary
Teaching staff 50
Number of students 750
Religious order De La Salle Brothers

De La Salle College, Dundalk is a post-primary school in County Louth. The college is an all-boys school, but offers a co-educational repeat Leaving Certificate year. The school recently built an extension to the school buildings.[1]


The De La Salle school was founded in Dundalk in 1899. It began in Castletown in the parish of St. Patrick. In 1979 the post-primary school moved to its present location on the Castleblayney Road. Work commenced on the new extension in 1997. The current enrolment is around 750 pupils.[2]

School crest and motto[edit]


This consists of a star on a shield flanked by a green fern. On the scroll beneath are the Latin words "Signum Fidei" meaning "The Sign of Faith", referring to the star. This recalls the story of the Three Wise Men who followed the Star of Bethlehem, trusting that it would lead them to God.[3]

School motto[edit]

The Latin "Recta Sapere" meaning "Right Judgement" or "Knowing what is Right" is the motto of De La Salle College, Dundalk.[4]

School structure[edit]

Board of Management[edit]

The De La Salle Brothers are the Trustees of the College. The school is under the control of the Board of Management. The Board concerns itself with all matters pertaining to school policy, education policy, finance, school premises and equipment, the selection and appointment of staff and general school matters. The Board ensures that professional standards of education and management are continued in the school. The Board alsop facilitates the implementation of curricular innovation. Membership of the Board of Management includes De La Salle Order nominees, Parent nominees and Teacher nominees. The Principal of the College is the Secretary.[5]

Parents association[edit]

The Parents Association has elected representatives from each region. Members are elected every year.

The role of the Association is a supportive one - to the Principal, School Management, Staff and Students. It aims to foster good relations between the parents, teachers, students and the school authorities. It supports the school by making recommendations about current trends in education. It is sometimes involved in fund-raising to provide extra resource for the school.[6]

Student council[edit]

A student council serves to represent the student views. They involve themselves in a whole range of activities within the school. Students are given Leadership Training at the beginning of the school year. The students attend lectures and learn the skills necessary for teamwork and leadership. [7]

Subjects and Courses offered[edit]

De La Salle College offers four courses where students are offered a wide range of subjects: Junior Certificate, Transition Year, Leaving Certificate and Leaving Certificate Applied (L.C.A.).

Junior Certificate[edit]

Students study 14 subjects in a mixture of compulsory and voluntary subjects.

English Irish Maths Geography History
Business Studies Technology Home Economics Technical Graphics Science
Spanish German French Religion Art
C.S.P.E. Music P.E. Computers S.P.H.E.

Transition Year[edit]

Transition Year (TY) is an optional one-year school programme that can be taken in the year after the Junior Certificate and is intended to make the senior cycle a three-year programme encompassing both Transition Year and Leaving Certificate. Students can broaden their learning and studies and the school offers a wide range of subjects.

English Irish Maths Environmental and Social Studies Religion
History Music Production Printing and Publishing Film Making Applied Maths
French Spanish German Agricultural Science Art
Accounting Economics Business Biology Chemistry
Physics Computer Studies Technology Design & Communication Graphics Career Guidance
P.E. Community Assignment Health Education Home Economics Enterprise

Leaving Certificate[edit]

English, Irish and Maths are compulsory subjects for Leaving Certificate and students can choose 4 others. Students study 7 subjects to exam level.

English Irish Maths Geography History
Home Economics Biology Chemistry Physics Applied Maths
Agricultural Science Technology German French Spanish
Art Economics Business Accounting Design & Communication Graphics
Music Religion P.E. Computers Career Guidance

Leaving Certificate Applied[edit]

In 2013, De La Salle College introduced L.C.A. The Leaving Certificate Applied Programme(LCA)is a distinct, self-contained two-year programme aimed at preparing students for adult and working life. The programme consists of a range of courses each designed on a modular basis. The subjects offered in the De La Salle College include:

English & Communication Mathematical Applications Social Education Gaelige Chumarsáideach Communicative Spanish
Vocational Preparation & Guidance Agriculture/ Horticulture Childcare/ Community Care Hotel, Catering & Tourism Technology
Active Leisure Studies Information & Communication Technology Craft & Design Religion Health Education

Extra Curricular and Sporting Activities[edit]

The De La Salle College offers a great variety of activities for students to get involved in. All of the activities provided in the school are operated by dedicated staff outside normal operating hours.

The school is known for its successes in various sport, particularly in Basketball, Football and Gaelic. The school has had many noted successes in many other sports also.

The Green Schools Committee has achieved 4 Green Flags since 2008.

The talent show, Class Act, has been a highlight of the schools calendar year since 2004. Each year, the show takes place in An Táin Theatre, Dundalk (Dundalk Town Hall).

Many students take part in the BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition every January, where students present their Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Technology and Human Science projects. Students have achieved many awards and recognition at the competition.

In 2016, history was made in the De La Salle College as their Junior Irish Debating Team won their first All-Ireland Gael-Linn Debating Competition.

Sports and activities include:

Basketball Football Golf Gaelic
Hurling Rugby Badminton Chess
Green Schools Book Club MS Readathon Robotics
Class Act Music Club Chess Club Young Scientist
SciFest Club na Gaelige Y.S.I. Irish Debating

Student award ceremony[edit]

Each year the college hosts a student awards night. These awards are aimed at acknowledging students work and achievements during the academic year and during the students time in the school.

Awards include:

  • Student of the Year (Senior)
  • Lasallian Spirit Award
  • Student of the Year (Junior)
  • Academic Achievement Awards
  • Endeavor Awards
  • Sports Person of the Year Awards
  • Best Junior Cert Result (Overall)
  • Best Junior Cert Result (For each individual subject)
  • Best Junior Cert Result (For each class)

During the awards the college invites former students back for their achievements in their Leaving Certificate. These awards include:

  • Best Leaving Cert Results (Overall)
  • Best Leaving Cert Results (For each individual subject)
  • Best Leaving Cert Results (For each class)

Each year, the College recognises achievements and accomplishments made by former students. The school invites one past pupil each year and they are awarded the "Illustrious Alumni Award".

Previous recipients of the award include:

2006: Martin Naughton 2007: Steve Staunton

School uniform[edit]

Like most schools in Ireland and the UK, the students of De La Salle College, Dundalk wear a distinct uniform making them instantly recognisable as pupils of the college. The uniform consists of:[8]

  • Grey slacks
  • Grey shirt
  • Polar blue jumper with college crest
  • Black Blazer or Fleece with college crest
  • School tie (Varying design for Junior and Leaving Cert. Students)
  • RHT Nylon stockings

Notable alumni[edit]


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