De La Salle Academy, Liverpool

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The De La Salle Academy
De La Salle Humanities College.png
Motto Semper Fidelis
Established 1953
Type Voluntary aided academy
Religion Roman Catholic
Headmaster David Hayes
Founder St. John Baptist de la Salle
Location Carr Lane East
L11 4SG
Coordinates: 53°26′42″N 2°54′43″W / 53.445°N 2.912°W / 53.445; -2.912
Local authority Liverpool
DfE number ???/4795
DfE URN 136409 Tables
Ofsted Reports
Students 483
Gender Boys
Ages 11–18
Telephone +44 (0)151 546 3134
Diocese Archdiocese of Liverpool

The De La Salle Academy (formerly De La Salle Grammar School, De La Salle School and De La Salle Humanities College) is a boys' voluntary aided secondary school with academy status under the trusteeship of the De La Salle Brothers. The school is named after St John Baptist De La Salle, patron saint of educational workers. It purports to offer an education "based on gospel values, enabling young people to reach their full potential and to enjoy the freedom and sound education can give them as full human beings committed to Christ."[1]


De La Salle is a sixth form entry Catholic school, catering for boys from the age of 11 to 18. The school, currently at less than half capacity, is situated in the Croxteth area of Liverpool. St John Bosco Arts College is another Catholic school in the Croxteth area.

St. John Baptist[edit]

John Baptist de la Salle was the first son of wealthy parents living in France. He became a priest at the age of 27, and took on the responsibility of providing education for the poor, giving much of his own wealth in the process. John opened a free school for the poor, and he and his colleagues took the name Brothers of the Christian Schools, now generally known as the De La Salle Brothers.

He died in 1719, and 181 years later, John Baptist de la Salle was canonised as a saint. In 1950, because of his work as well as his inspirational writing, he was made the Patron Saint of all those who worked in education. At present,[vague] de la Salle schools can be found in a dozen other places in Britain, along with some 85 different countries around the world.


Grammar school[edit]

It was known as the De La Salle Grammar School until 1983, and attracted a selective intake from across the city of Liverpool. It was originally based on Breckfield Road South in Everton. The old school site became a supermarket. The new school site is that of the former Central School, and was rebuilt in 1954. By the 1960s, it had around 700 boys.


In 1983, the school became De La Salle School, a comprehensive school.[2] It amalgamated with four other catholic schools in 1988. The school then commenced a comprehensive feeder relationship with several local Catholic Primary schools. The school was founded by the De La Salle brothers, who engaged with the day-to-day running of the school.

In 2004, the school gained specialist school status and became the De La Salle Humanities College, specialising in English, Geography and History.[2]


The school gained academy status in January 2011, to become The De La Salle Academy. It currently specialises in English and Media.[2]


In July 2015, the school made news headlines around Europe when staff from the school escorted students of local primary schools to the Gothia Cup football youth tournament in Gothenburg, Sweden. Parents of the children in the team acted "in a very aggressive way" during a game, "hurling insults and profanities" at the youngsters of the opposing team.[3][4]

Notable alumni[edit]

De La Salle Grammar School for Boys[edit]


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