De Lalande (crater)

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De Lalande
De Lalande crater on Venus.jpg
Radar image of de Lalande
Planet Venus
Coordinates 20°30′N 355°00′E / 20.5°N 355.0°E / 20.5; 355.0Coordinates: 20°30′N 355°00′E / 20.5°N 355.0°E / 20.5; 355.0
Diameter 21 km
Eponym Marie-Jeanne de Lalande

De Lalande is a multiring impact crater on Venus.[1] It has a diameter of 21.6 km and wall width of 5.6 km.[2] The crater has an outer rim but no peak and is in close proximity to the volcano Gula Mons.[3]


French astronomer Jérôme Lalande

The de Lalande crater is named after the French astronomer Marie-Jeanne de Lalande (1768-1832),[4] illegitimate daughter of astronomer Joseph Jerome de Lalande (1732-1807).


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