De Lorenzo's Tomato Pies

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De Lorenzo's Tomato Pies
De Lorenzo's Tomato Pies logo.jpg
Restaurant information
Established 1947
Food type Italian
Street address 2350 Route 33 #105[1]
City Robbinsville
State New Jersey
Postal/ZIP Code 08691
Country United States
Other locations 530 Hudson St., Trenton, NJ*(closed)[2]

De Lorenzo's Tomato Pies is a pizzeria that sells Trenton tomato pies in Robbinsville, New Jersey. It was founded in 1936 by Alexander "Chick" De Lorenzo and officially established in 1947 in Trenton, New Jersey.[3] Since then it has expanded to another location in Robbinsville and has closed its original location in Trenton.[4] It is the third oldest pizzeria in New Jersey that sells tomato pies after Papa's Tomato Pies and Joe's Tomato Pies.


Alexander "Chick" De Lorenzo established De Lorenzo's Tomato Pies in 1947. Zagat Survey reviews give it high marks for quality and taste,[5] it is a top pick on review site,[6] and is now considered a landmark in New Jersey.[1] De Lorenzo's Tomato Pies opens at 4:00 pm and primarily serves dinner. Tomato pies are the only options on the menu.[7] Lines can grow to over 50 people before the restaurant opens. F. Scott and Zelda New Jersey Restaurant and Wine Critics described De Lorenzo's as a never disappointing meal. Sam Amico, Alexander's grandson, has taken over the company after the passing of Alexander. F. Scott and Zelda praises the new ownership as "a world class establishment".[8]

The restaurant was frequented by Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito in his student days. Alito considered De Lorenzo's a favorite restaurant. Other past patrons include Frank Sinatra, Luciano Pavarotti, and Joe DiMaggio.[9]

New York Times food critic, Karla Cook, gave the restaurant a "Very Good", citing the excellent quality of the clam pie, canned whole baby clams, and the pepperoni and mushroom as a classic. She was, however, critical of the atmosphere citing that it was too crowded.[10]

In December 2011, the restaurant's ownership announced the impending closing of its original Trenton 530 Hudson Street location on January 15, 2012, as reported on[11]


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