De Mazenod College

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De Mazenod College
De Mazenod College Logo.svg

Coordinates7°03′N 79°54′E / 7.050°N 79.900°E / 7.050; 79.900Coordinates: 7°03′N 79°54′E / 7.050°N 79.900°E / 7.050; 79.900
TypeGovernment-aided private school
MottoLatin: Animo-et-fide
(Courageously and faithfully)
FounderRev. Fr. Romould Fernando
PrincipalJanaka Fonseka
GenderBoys (Co-educational from grade 6)
Age6 to 19
Colour(s)Blue and gold

De Mazenod College (DMC), founded in 1914, is a Catholic school in Kandana, Sri Lanka, managed by the De La Salle Brothers. De Mazenod College is a mixed school and has classes from grade 1 to grade 13. Classes are conducted in Sinhala as well as English. Girls are admitted to the school from grade 6 upwards.


St. Sebastian's English School was founded by Rev. Fr. A. Y. Keegerat at the Mission House of Kandana Church in 1914. In 1919, Rev. Fr. Romould Fernando took charge of the school, and a few years later, on June 15, 1925, helped the school gain recognition from the Government of Sri Lanka. From 1925 to 1927, the school became known as St. Sebastian's Boys' English School until being renamed St. Sebastian's English High School.

On 12 October 1930, Colombo Archbishop Peter Marque laid the foundation for a new building at the school's current location. In 1931, it was renamed to De Mazenod College, and in 1933, it came under the control of the De La Salle brothers. The first Prize Giving was held in 1937 under the patronage of the Principal, Rev. Bro. Charles Louis, and was attended by Deputy Education Director W. R. Watson.

The first ever inter-house sports meet was held in 1938. The chief guest was S. W. R. D. Bandaranaike. The college houses at the time were De La Salle, Marque, and Romould.

An old boys' union with about 100 members was inaugurated in 1943, and Sinhala-language classes began in 1947


The students are divided into four houses:

Alban House[edit]

  • Named after Rev Bro. Alban Patrick, a former principal of the school.
  • Color : Red     

De La Salle House[edit]

Marque House[edit]

  • Named after Colombo Archbishop Rev. Peter Marque.
  • Color : Yellow     

Romould House[edit]

  • Named after the founder of school, Rev. Fr. Romould Fernando.
  • Color : Green     

Notable alumni[edit]

Below is a list of notable alumni of De Mazenod College

Name Notability Reference
Rohan Amarasinghe Rear Admiral (Rtd) Sri Lanka Navy-Former Commander Eastern Naval Area [1]
Shihan Mihiranga Bennet singer, songwriter [2]
Kingsley De Silva obstetrician, gynaecologist [citation needed]
Dampath Fernando Deputy Chief of Staff of Sri Lanka Army (2017–present) [3]
Dilhara Fernando international cricket player (2000–2012) [citation needed]
Amal Jayawardane historian [citation needed]
Harry Jayawardena businessman [4]
Jayalath Jayawardena member of Parliament - Gampaha (1994–2013) [5][6]
Vijaya Kumaranatunga actor, politician (founder Sri Lanka Mahajana Pakshaya) [7]
Sriyantha Mendis dramatist [citation needed]
Dhammika Prasad international cricket player (2008–2015) [citation needed]
Lakshan Sandakan international cricket player (2016–present) [citation needed]

Past principals of De Mazenod College[edit]

  1. Rev. Fr. Romould Fernando (Founder)
  2. Bro. Andrew Etienne
  3. Bro. Theodoret of Mary
  4. Bro. Charles Louis
  5. Bro. Alban Patrick
  6. Bro. Casimir
  7. Bro. Federick Peter
  8. Bro. Cassian of Jesus
  9. Bro. Athanasius Navarre
  10. Bro. Glastone Oliver
  11. Bro. Hermangild Joseph
  12. Bro. Athanasius Navarre
  13. Bro. Anselm Calixtus
  14. Bro. Alexander Cyrillus
  15. Bro. Conrad Rodrigo
  16. Bro. Sylvester Pius
  17. Bro. Hugo Anthony
  18. Bro. Camillus Silva
  19. Bro. Benjamin Goonatilleke
  20. Bro. Granville Perera
  21. Bro. Camillus Silva
  22. Bro. Bertram Perera
  23. Bro. Janaka Fonseka (Incumbent)


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