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De Nattergale is a Danish comedy band/act. They have made several CDs and three TV advent calendars on TV2, of which the most famous is The Julekalender. The group consists of Viggo Sommer, Carsten Knudsen and Uffe Rørbæk Madsen.

'Nattergale' could be a pun - 'Nattergale' could mean both 'nightingale', as the group sing, but also 'Nattergale', as in "night-crazy" - 'lunatics'.

The group as it is now was formed in 1983, although Viggo and Carsten met each other as early as in 1979. The group published their first album in 1988 called Hva har vi da gjort ... siden vi ska' ha'et så godt. In 1989 they published their first hit-record entitled Nu ka' det vist ik bli' meget bedre which includes their two hit singles: "Uha-da-da" and "Gule ærter".

In later years they have had a comeback with their advent calendars: The Julekalender, Canal Wild Card, and CWC World.