De Onbekende Beeldhouwer

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De Onbekende Beeldhouwer (the Anonymous Sculptor) exhibited notable sculptures regularly in Amsterdam through the 1980s and 1990s. At least eight works that attracted public interest have been assigned to him or her. They include "The Violinist" (1991), which can be seen at the Stopera in Amsterdam.

The Violinist, Stopera in Amsterdam


The sculptor's identity (or possibly identities) has remained unknown. The "suspects" have included Gene Holt, an American sculptor, who issued a denial in 2013, and the former Dutch Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands. It has been stated by the Government of Amsterdam that the sculptor is a medical person of note, who wishes to remain anonymous.[1]

Main attributed works[edit]

  • "The Blue Fiddler", 1982, Raampoort, Amsterdam
  • "The Tree Saw", 1989, Leidseplein, Amsterdam
  • "With Nose in Books", 1990, Velsen
  • "The Violinist", 1991, Stopera, Amsterdam
  • "The Breast Plate, or Streaked Breast", 1993, Oudekerksplein, Amsterdam
  • "The Accordion Player", 1994, Anjeliersstraat 175, Amsterdam
  • "Three Dandies in Conversation", 1995, Kinkerstraat, Amsterdam
  • "The Nun", 1999, Amersfoort (since 2007, Stadhuisplein)[2]


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