De Princehofmolen, Earnewâld

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De Princehofmolen, Earnewâld
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De Princehofmolen, Earnewâld
Mill name De Princehofmolen
Mill location Bij Princehof 3, 9003 XA Earnewâld
Coordinates 53°07′20″N 5°54′39″E / 53.12222°N 5.91083°E / 53.12222; 5.91083Coordinates: 53°07′20″N 5°54′39″E / 53.12222°N 5.91083°E / 53.12222; 5.91083
Operator(s) Private
Year built 1958
Purpose Drainage mill
Type Hollow Post mill
Roundhouse storeys Single storey roundhouse
No. of sails Four sails
Type of sails Common sails
Windshaft Wood
Winding Tailpole and winch
Type of pump Archimedes' screw

De Princehofmolen is a hollow post mill in Earnewâld, Friesland, the Netherlands, which was built in 1958. The mill is listed as a Rijksmonument, number 22934.[1]


This mill originally stood at Fatum, Tzum. In 1958 it was sold by the Massold family of Leeuwarden to Mr Bakker for ƒ2,000. The mill was rebuilt by the Folkerssloot at Earnewâld by millwright De Roos of Leeuwarden at a cost of ƒ2,874.30. A grant of ƒ710 towards the cost was given by the province of Friesland. [2] The mill is maintained as a landmark but is unable to work due to trees growing too close to the mill.[3]


De Princehofmolen is what the Dutch describe as a "spinnenkopmolen" . It is a small hollow post mill on a single storey roundhouse. There is no stage, the sail reaching almost to the ground. The body of the mill is covered in vertical boards and the roof is covered in dakleer. The mill is winded by tailpole and winch. The sails are Common sails. They have a span of 10.20 metres (33 ft 6 in). The sails are carried on a wooden windshaft. The windshaft also carries the brake wheel which has 35 cogs. This drives the wallower (18 cogs) at the top of the upright shaft. At the bottom of the upright shaft, the crown wheel, which has 27 cogs formerly drove an Archimedes' screw, which was not fitted when the mill was re-erected.[2]


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