De Proefbrouwerij

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De Proefbrouwerij
Brouwzaal De Proefbrouwer, Hijfte, België - 20060702.jpg
Owned byDirk Naudt and Saskia Waerniers
Active beers
Name Type
Reinaert Amber Dubbel
Reinaert Grand Cru 9,5° Barley wine
Reinaert Tripel Tripel

De Proefbrouwerij is a Flemish brewery founded in 1996 by Dirk Naudts and his wife Saskia Waerniers. The brewery is located in the village of Lochristi, near Ghent. They operate as a rental brewery, creating beers for third party brewers,[1] as well as producing their own beers. They also operate a research and development department[2] focused on the science of brewing.[3]

De Proef Beers[edit]

The brewery releases its own brand of beers under the moniker "Reinaert", these include:[4] a flemish red ale (9%), an amber beer (7%), a tripel (9%), and a grand cru (9.5%).

Gypsy Brewers[edit]

The brewery operates predominantly as a rental brewery, and provide the brewing facilities to many gypsy breweries who do not have their own facilities, or who want to produce experimental small batch beers.

Notable Breweries Using De Proef[edit]

  • Bell's (USA)
  • Surly (USA)
  • Mikkeller (Denmark)
  • The Musketeers (Belgium)
  • To Øl (Denmark)
  • Prearis (Belgium)
  • Bieren Van Begeerte (Belgium)
  • Duits & Laure (the Netherlands)


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