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De RigueurMortis
Derm cover.jpg
Studio album by
Released29 October 2001
RecordedAugust 2000-July 2001, various studios
GenreAlternative rock
123:33 (iTunes)
LabelFMR, genre b.goode
TISM chronology
De RigueurMortis
Professional ratings
Review scores
Sydney Star Observer3.5/5 stars [1]

De RigueurMortis (stylised as De RigueurMortis) is a 2001 album by Australian alternative-rock group TISM. Initial copies of this release, dubbed the Connoisseur's Edition, included several untitled tracks and a bonus CD titled 2Pot Screama, a 41-minute "rock opera in one act" which TISM described as "West Side Story with Tourette's syndrome".

The title is taken from a line in the song "Come Back DJ, Your Record is Scratched". The album cover is a tribute to the fantasy-themed artwork of Roger Dean, famous for his work with art rock bands such as Yes.

Album info[edit]

De RigueurMortis was intended to be under the same structure as their earlier albums, Great Truckin' Songs of the Renaissance (1988) and Hot Dogma (1990) which both had a large number of tracks, most of which were snippets of other recordings or diatribes. This album did indeed follow that same structure, but only the tracks which were actual songs were listed on the album's release. The rest, although originally being untitled, have since their titles listed via Internet music information providers. However, upon the re-release of the album onto digital music service iTunes, the unlisted tracks were finally given 'official' names.

The censored name in the final track, 'BFW', is Kylie Minogue. At the time of the album's release, both TISM and Kylie Minogue were label mates on Festival Mushroom Records. The track was censored at the record company's insistence.

The band claimed that they had broken into other recording studios to record the album, however a video that was on their website at the time of the album's release shows them working on the album at what appears to be one of the band member's house.

Track listing[edit]

1."Unfair (Extract)"0:55
2."If You're Not Famous at Fourteen, You're Finished"2:53
3."Five Yards"3:14
4."Fielding at Long-On, Pt. 1"0:43
5."Ten Points for a Razor Scooter"3:11
6."Fielding at Long-On, Pt. 2"0:42
7."Thou Shalt Not Britney Spear"3:18
8."Would the Last Person to Leave Please Turn Out the Enlightenment?"2:42
9."The Young Vandal Extemporizes"0:42
10."Moby-Dick Head" (Recorded using binaural recording techniques.)0:35
11."Schoolies Week"3:42
12."The Horse, Not the Horseshit"0:51
13."Geniuses Are Turds (Extract)"0:23
14."I Abhor This Senseless Waste of Violence (Extract)"0:36
15."Come Back DJ, Your Record is Scratched"5:06
16."You're a Long Way from Home, Pt. 1"1:21
17."Boot Party"4:03
18."To Whom It May Concern"3:09
20."Channel Turd"2:55
21."Fatboy Slim Dusty"3:19
22."You're a Long Way from Home, Pt. 2"1:13
23."Ex Malcolm X (Extract)"0:15
24."Honk If You Love Fred Durst"3:33
25."You're a Long Way from Home, Pt. 3"1:12
26."X-Treme Sports Can Kiss My Arse"3:27
27."The Man from Popular Culture Came Round"1:39
28."Fourteen Years in Rowville"3:09
29."Yet Another Hinch Diatribe"0:58
30."Fielding at Long-On, Pt. 3"0:42

2Pot Screama[edit]

2Pot Screama
Studio album by
Released29 October 2001
RecordedAugust 2000-July 2001, various studios
GenreAlternative rock, rock opera
LabelFMR, genre b.goode
TISM chronology
2Pot Screama

Initial copies of De Rigueurmortis contained a bonus disc, 2Pot Screama. It was a 41-minute rock opera in one act. The main villain of the opera is Peter Reith, however his name was beeped out of the album due to possible defamation concerns owing to his portrayal in the album as a Satan-like figure. It was originally intended to be a B-side to the "If You're Not Famous at Fourteen, You're Finished" single before the single was cancelled and deleted. The libretto was available from TISM's website at the time.

The track has since been made available as a bonus song with the 2009 iTunes release.

In a video available from TISM's website at the time showing the recording process, the band can be seen listening to the Overture, except Ron Hitler-Barassi yells about wankers over the top. This means that the Overture could have possibly been a different track, then later in the process became part of 2Pot Screama.

Track list[edit]

Please note that the album appears on the CD as one track; the individual "scenes" are separated by silence.

2."Scene 1"8:51
3."Scene 2"6:07
4."Scene 3"4:01
5."Scene 4"7:56
6."Scene 5"8:49

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