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De Smet or Desmet is a Dutch occupational surname. It is a regional form of "the smith" very common in East and West Flanders.[1] [2] It was the tenth most common name in Belgium in 1997.[3] Notable people with the surname include:

  • Armand Desmet (1931–2012), Belgian professional cyclist
  • Dirk De Smet (born 1969), Belgian singer and saxophonist
  • Francis De Smet (born 1963), Belgian inventor and film producer
  • Gilbert Desmet (born 1931), Belgian cyclist
  • Gustave De Smet (1877–1943), Belgian painter
  • Jean-Albert De Smet, Belgian engineer. Designed and developed the first horizontal process for the continuous extraction of oilseeds. Founded De Smet company.
  • Jessy De Smet (born 1976), Belgian dance music singer
  • Karel De Smet (born 1980), Belgian footballer
  • Paul de Smet de Naeyer (1843–1913), Belgian Catholic Party politician
  • Peter de Smet (1944–2003), Dutch comic strip artist
  • Pierre-Jean De Smet (1801–1873), Belgian Catholic priest (Jesuit) and missionary in North America
  • Pieter De Smet (1503-1571), Flemish humanist scholar and government official of Bruges
  • Pieter Desmet (born 1983), Belgian steeplechase and long-distance runner
  • Philippe Desmet (born 1958), Belgian association football player
  • Richard De Smet (1916–1997), Belgian Jesuit Indologist and philosopher
  • Stijn De Smet (born 1985), Belgian association football player
  • Wim De Smet (1932–2012), Belgian marine zoologist and esperantist