De Tochten metro station

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De Tochten
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Rotterdam Metro station
Metrostation de Tochten.jpg
Coordinates 51°58′7.37″N 4°34′41.32″E / 51.9687139°N 4.5781444°E / 51.9687139; 4.5781444Coordinates: 51°58′7.37″N 4°34′41.32″E / 51.9687139°N 4.5781444°E / 51.9687139; 4.5781444
Owned by RET
Platforms Island platform
Tracks 2
Opened 1984
Preceding station   Rotterdam Metro   Following station
Line B

De Tochten is a subway station on Line B of the Rotterdam Metro and is situated in Rotterdam-Zevenkamp.

The station was opened on April 19, 1984. It has served as terminus for a long time, until the opening of the one-station extension towards the new Nesselande station on August 29, 2005. De Tochten is part of the section where traction power is received from overhead wires, although trains have to switch back to third rail power just east of the station for their journey to Nesselande.

Having served as a terminus for over twenty years, the station consists of one island platform between the two running tracks.