De Wijk

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De Wijk
De Wijk is located in Drenthe
De Wijk
De Wijk
Location of De Wijk in Drenthe
Coordinates: 52°40′24″N 6°17′28″E / 52.67333°N 6.29111°E / 52.67333; 6.29111Coordinates: 52°40′24″N 6°17′28″E / 52.67333°N 6.29111°E / 52.67333; 6.29111
Country  Netherlands
Province  Drenthe
Municipality  De Wolden
Population (2016[1]) 2,805
Postal code 7957

De Wijk is a village in the Netherlands province of Drenthe. It is located in the municipality of De Wolden, and is about 7 km southeast of Meppel. It is home to Rijksmonument 39657, De Weiker Meule.

De Wijk was a separate municipality until 1998, when it became a part of De Wolden.[2]


De Wijk originated in the Middle Ages. In 1325, the monastery of Ruinen moved here, and this had a very strong impact on the development of the village. In 1672, marauding troops destroyed everything around de Havixhorst, including de Wijk. The monastery of Ruinen and mill of Dickninge also got destroyed. In 1811, the municipality of De Wijk was established. This municipality included de Wijk, Koekange, Oshaar, Rogat, de Schiphorst and de Stapel. After World War II the village was extended with new houses on the south side of the village. In 1998, the municipality of de Wijk became the new and current municipality 'De Wolden'.


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