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De la Gardie family arms
The Palace Makalös (Peerless) of the De la Gardie family, right next door to The Royal Castle in Stockholm

De la Gardie (also de la Gardie) is the name of a distinguished Swedish noble family of French origin.


The family's social status in France is uncertain; the founder, Ponce d'Escouperie, son of a tradesman, came to Sweden as a mercenary in 1565 and took the name Pontus De la Gardie when registered by the House of Knights. He was given the title baron in 1571 and married Sofia Johansdotter Gyllenhielm, an illegitimate daughter of king John III in 1580.

The baronial title ended with his eldest son John De la Gardie. Pontus De la Gardie's second son, Jacob De la Gardie, was given the title count of Läckö in 1615; his grandson Magnus Gabriel De la Gardie became a favourite of Queen Christina and married her cousin, Countess Palatine Maria Eufrosyne of Zweibrücken (a sister of Charles X Gustav of Sweden).

The De la Gardie of Läckö comital lineage is extant. The current head of the family, Carl Gustaf De la Gardie (1946- ), lives outside Linköping.


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