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de la Roche
Coat of Arms of the Duchy of Athens (de la Roche family).svg
Ethnicity Frankish
Current region Western Europe; France. Also Colombia and The United States of America[1]
Etymology "of the Rock" in French in reference to the place of origin
Place of origin La Roche-sur-l'Ognon,
Duchy of Athens, Fourth Crusade
Members Othon de la Roche (founder)
Distinctions Dukes (European nobility)

The De la Roche family is a French noble family honoured at the Honneurs de la Cour, and named for La Roche-sur-l'Ognon. The family descends from the de la Roche Dukes of Athens of the late 12th century, the entirety of the 13th century, and early 14th century, ending with the death of Jacqueline de la Roche in Italy.

All people who hold the surname of de la Roche today descend from the La Roche-sur-l'Ognon dynasty, making it one of the few cases where all persons with the surname are related.[citation needed]


Most notable people with this surname are descendants of Othon de la Roche who formed a frankish dynasty and, in modern history, perhaps the rarest[clarification needed] of the old French noble families by the scale of their mass exodus after The French Revolution.

Below is the genalogical tree of the de la Roche family during its Athenian rule;

Genealogical tree of the de la Roche family of Frankish Athens


  • Alberto de La Roche, (1957-Present) Colombian industrial engineer
  • Alice de la Roche, (Unknown-1282) Lady of Beirut, Regent of Beirut
  • Andres de la Roche, (1978-present) Son of Germán de la Roche, Jr.
  • Axel de la Roche, (2003-present) son of Germán de la Roche, Jr.


  • Bartholome de la Roche. (unknown). Immigrated from France to Colombia after being persecuted in the French revolution.




  • Guy I de la Roche, (1205–1263) Frankish Duke of Athens
  • Guy II de la Roche, (1280 – 1308) Frankish Duke of Athens
  • Germain Echeverri de la Roche, (Unknown-2011), Brother of Olympic fencer Emilio Echeverri de la Roche.
  • Germán de la Roche. (unknown -1980s) Father of Germán Edgardo de la Roche, Jr. Son of Bartolome de la Roche. Started a ball bearing manufacturing company in Barranquilla, Colombia.
  • Germán Edgardo de la Roche, Jr., (1946-present) Grand son of Bartolome de la Roche. Colombian entrepreneur and financier. Cousin of Emilio Echeverri de la Roche.
  • Germán de la Roche III (1976-present) Son of German de la Roche Jr.




  • Marie Anne de La Roche (1986-present), Colombian fashion designer, CEO of Marie De La Roche
  • Michel de La Roche (fl. 1710–1742), French Huguenot refugee and author in England, where he was known as an editor of early literary periodicals, monthly or quarterly.



  • Paul Delaroche (1797 – 1856), French painter who achieved his greater successes painting history. He became famous in Europe for his melodramatic scenes that often portrayed subjects from English and French history.



Non-related people[edit]


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