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DeaDBeeF's main window on Mac OS
DeaDBeeF's main window on Mac OS
Original author(s)Alexey Yakovenko
Initial releaseAugust 2009
Stable release
1.8.4 / 28 June 2020
Repository Edit this at Wikidata
Written inC, C++, Objective-C, Assembly language
Operating systemUnix-like (Linux, *BSD, OpenSolaris), macOS, Android
Platformx86, x86-64, ARM
TypeAudio player
LicenseGPLv2, LGPLv2.1, zlib, various free and open-source software licenses (plugins)

DeaDBeeF is an audio player software available for Linux, Android and other Unix-like operating systems.[1][2] DeaDBeeF is free and open-source software, except on Android.


The player was first published in August 2009.[3] Its author cited dissatisfaction with existing music players under Linux as the main reason for writing DeaDBeeF. The name is a reference to magic number 0xDEADBEEF.


Among DeaDBeeF's functionalities are included:[4][5]


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