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Deactivators Coverart.png
Cover art
Developer(s) Tigress Marketing
Publisher(s) Reaktor
Designer(s) David Bishop and Chris Palmer
Platform(s) Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC 464
  • PAL: October 6, 1986
  • NA: October 6, 1986
Genre(s) Arcade
Mode(s) Single-player

Deactivators is a computer game for the Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum[1] and Amstrad CPC 464, developed by Tigress Marketing and published by Ariolasoft's label, Reaktor, in late 1986. The music was written by Simon PC Frost. The programming was done by SYSTEM software, Sheffield. This is an early example of a pseudo-3D game.


The player controls bomb disposal robots trying to deactivate bombs placed throughout a scientific research complex by terrorists. The method is to throw the bombs from room to room (careful to avoid the bombs bouncing on the ground) until they can be thrown out the exit. The gravity in each room is sometimes perpendicular or opposite to the room next door which makes catching interesting and there are security droids patrolling which will chase your robots if you get too close. There are also 'control boards' laying about in some of the rooms which have to be transferred to the 'computer' room in order to activate certain functions (e.g. transporter links between certain rooms).

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Further reading[edit]

The Making of Deactivators appears in issue 119 of Retro Gamer Magazine and features interviews with designers Chris Palmer and David Bishop.

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