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DeadAIM (originally De-Ad AIM) is a program created by JDennis to add new features such as tabbed conversations (which is now available in standard AIM) and to disable the advertising in AOL Instant Messenger (AIM). The last release of DeadAIM was version 4.5 in 2003, which works with AIM version 5.5.3595.

In mid-2003, the rights to DeadAIM were sold to America Online effectively ending the development of the program.

JDennis was able to modify the framework of AIM with the use of API hooking. DeadAIM uses an OCM file, similar to a DLL, to load into AIM. JDennis has benefited greatly by creating somewhat of a partnership with AOL, although he no longer owns DeadAIM. This allowed him to add several features more easily and also allowed him to create DeadAIMRegIn, an official AOL bot, to confirm registration information and prevent software piracy.

The terms of purchase state there is no guarantee to future upgrades.

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