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Origin Russia Glazov, Moscow, Russia
Genres Thrash metal
Speed metal
Progressive metal
Years active 2004–-present
Labels Mazzar Records/Mystic Empire
Members Sergey Chirkov - vocals, guitars
Paul Staine - vocals, guitars
Past members Alan Makiev - bass
Lemur - vocals
Evgeny Nesterov - bass
Alexey Torgashov - keyboards,
Ivan Mitrofanov - drums

A metal band DeadXheaD is Megadeth fans project from formed in the fall 2004 by two solo guitarists, Paul Staine and Sergey Chirkov in Glazov town, Russia. In the beginning of 2006 they moved to the Moscow city with fully recorded material. In march they appeared on Russian tribute to Megadeth called Gigadeath Tribute to Megadeth (CD, RS Records) with Hangar 18. They released their debut album, Regressive by Default in September 13, 2006 by Russian metal label Mazzar/Mystic Empire. Their style is melodic thrash heavy metal with progressive elements, and cite influences such as Megadeth, Annihilator, Judas Priest, and Rage amongst others.[1]


  • Paul Staine - vocals, guitars
  • Sergey Chirkov - vocals, guitars (ex-Sfumato, ex-Stellardust, ex-Holy Joe, ex-Shadow Host)

Former members[edit]

  • Lemur - Vocals (E-terra, ex-Retriem, ex-Dinastia, ex-Mavrik)
  • Evgeny Nesterov - Bass (Ungrace, Ruthless Order, Sumatra, Inferius Torment, Shadow Host, ex-Manic Depression, ex-Illidance)
  • Ivan Mitrofanov - Drums (Steny Lda, Stellardust, ex-.crrust)
  • Alan Makiev - Bass (ex-Witchcraft, ex-Dark Secret Love, ex-Solar Fuse)
  • Alex Thor - Keys (Alex Thor Band)







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