Dead Bodies

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Dead Bodies
DeadBodies DVD2003Cover.jpg
DVD Cover
Directed byRobert Quinn
Written byDerek Landy
StarringAndrew Scott
Katy Davis
Eamonn Owens
Darren Healy
Kelly Reilly
Release date
April 25, 2003
Running time
88 minutes

Dead Bodies is a 2003 Irish drama film by Robert Quinn starring Andrew Scott, Katy Davis, Eamonn Owens, Darren Healy and Kelly Reilly. The screenplay was written by Derek Landy.


Tommy McGann (Scott) gets back together with his ex-girlfriend, after breaking up with her recently. But later on, the two fight, in which Tommy leaves the apartment as he pushes her out of his way. He returns later to find her dead, realising he pushed her onto the table where she fell and cracked her head. Tommy drives the body out into the woods and buries it there. Soon after, Tommy gets a new girlfriend, who secretly knows about what happened to his old girlfriend.


  • Andrew Scott as Tommy McGann
  • Katy Davis as Jean Goodman
  • Eamonn Owens as Billy
  • Darren Healy as Noel
  • Kelly Reilly as Viv McCormack
  • Luke Mulvaney as Gym Guy #2
  • Ian "Delicious" Darbey as Butch McCracken


Dead Bodies was nominated for four IFTA awards and won three for Best Actor in a Film (Andrew Scott), Best Editing (Dermot Diskin) and Best Sound/Sound Editing (Daniel Birch).

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