Dead Body on Broadway

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Dead Body on Broadway (German:Todesschüsse am Broadway) is a 1969 German thriller film directed by Harald Reinl and starring George Nader, Heinz Weiss and Heidy Bohlen.[1] It was part of the series of films portraying FBI agent Jerry Cotton.[2]


Cotton is called in to investigate a crime on Broadway because a FBI agent has died while working undercover. Before he has expired he got rid of the booty from a recently committed huge robbery. Where he disposed of it is unknown. All of the culprits are arrested by the FBI but the main villain Costello is soon broken free by a hitherto rivaling gang. His new accomplices presume he knew the location of the booty and he tries to live up to their expectations. The demised agent's girl-friend Cindy cannot help but notice she needs protection. Jerry Cotton hears her calling and stops at nothing to catch Costello.



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