Dead Caesar

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Dead Caesar
Written by Chris Taylor
Medium Stage
Genre Musical Comedy/Satire
Performers Toby Moore
Andrew Hansen
Ben Borgia
Ewen Leslie
Alan Dukes
Monica Sayers
John Leary
Music Andrew Hansen
Original Run 2007
Country of origin Australia
Original language English
Related shows Cirque du Chaser
The Chaser's Age of Terror Variety Hour

Dead Caesar was a 2007 stage show written by Australian comedian Chris Taylor from The Chaser. The satirical show parodied Julius Caesar, a play by William Shakespeare.


Taylor was persuaded, while drunk, by Brendan Cowell, director of Wharf 2LOUD, to write a play. He ended up writing a parody of William Shakespeare's tragedy Julius Caesar.[1]

Cast and crew[edit]

Ewen Leslie and Andrew Hansen in a scene from Dead Caesar.

The crew included Chaser member Andrew Hansen as composer of the music.[2]

  • Director: Tamara Cook
  • Music: Andrew Hansen
  • Set Designer: Bruce McKinven
  • Lighting: Stephen Hawker

The main cast is as follow:[2]

  • Caesar: Toby Moore
  • Marc Antony: Andrew Hansen
  • Lucius: Andrew Hansen
  • Brutus: Ben Borgia
  • Cassius: Ewen Leslie
  • Cicero: Alan Dukes
  • Calpurnia: Monica Sayers
  • The Messenger: John Leary

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