Dead Eyes

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Dead Eyes
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Publication information
Publisher 2000 AD
Schedule Weekly
Publication date March 2008
Creative team
Created by John Smith
Written by John Smith
Artist(s) Lee Carter

Dead Eyes is a story in 2000 AD which started in March 2008. It was written by John Smith, with art by Lee Carter.

The story involves a soldier and scientist who have escaped from Porton Down and their realisation of what is really going on.


A soldier on manoeuvres in Iraq survives a gas attack and ends up being spirited back to England where he ends up at Porton Down being experimented on. Strange lights appear over the buildings and he uses the confusion to grab a doctor and a visiting dignitary to escape.

Government officials start to mobilise resources to chase them down but their psychic nearly kills himself before he can be activated.


The story turned out to be part of the Smithiverse – at the end Danny's soul is uploaded into a cloned body by Winwood and Cord of Indigo Prime.[1]


The series name checks a number of paranormal and conspiracy theories. In particular there are mentions of Theosophy and Hollow Earth theories.


  • Dead Eyes (in 2000 AD #1577-1588, 2008)


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