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Dead Fred on stage with Hawkwind at Hawkeaster 2014

Phillip Reeves (born 1948), also known by his stage name Dead Fred, is mainly known as the keyboard player in space rock / hard rock bands Inner City Unit and Hawkwind.

Prior to ICU/Hawkwind he had a long and varied career in the UK music scene. In the mid-1960s, he was signed to The King Agency as part of "The Thump". In the early 1970s, he played with The Steve Gibbons Band. In 1973/4, Fred toured Germany with Rufus Thomas (The Dog), Gene Knight, King Floyd, & other soul acts. From 1975-78 was part of "The Light Fantastic", a midlands-based rock horror band. In 1979 he played white reggae with China Street.

In 1979, Inner City Unit was formed by Nik Turner from Hawkwind with Fred as Keyboard player. In 1984, Nik Turner and Fred both joined Hawkwind for an extensive tour of the UK. Following this tour, they re-formed Inner City Unit.

1986 saw Inner City Unit split from Nik Turner. Fred, along with Steve Pond and Mick Stupp, formed a power trio called The Maximum Effect, releasing one 7" single before teaming up with another former Hawkwind member, Robert Calvert. In late 1986, Calvert was asked to play a solo date at London's Queen Elizabeth Hall and he asked Fred and Steve Pond to be his band Krankschaft. This show was subsequently issued as a live album on vinyl and CD.

Twenty years after the death of Robert Calvert, a tribute concert was arranged in his memory. Fred and Steve Pond re-formed Krankschaft and played a set of Robert Calvert songs, which was well received and became the impetus behind a full-scale revival of the Krankschaft name. In October 2009, a studio album of Robert Calvert songs called The Flame Red Superstar was released. Krankschaft are currently active on the alternative festival scene.

Fred rejoined Hawkwind in May 2012 and has continued to tour with them since.


  • Blues Anytime Vol. 3 - Immediate LP (1968) - IMLP 019 (As "Stuff Smith")
  • Inner City Unit: Passout - Vinyl Album
  • Inner City Unit: Punkadelic - Vinyl Album
  • Inner City Unit: The Maximum Effect - Vinyl Album
  • Inner City Unit: Newanatomy - Vinyl Album
  • Inner City Unit: Blood & Bone - 12" Vinyl EP
  • Inner City Unit: The Presidents Tapes - Vinyl Album
  • Maximum Effect: Espania - 7" Vinyl Single
  • Robert Calvert: Live at the Queen Elizabeth Hall - Vinyl & CD Album
  • Robert Calvert: Newcastle 1986 [Live] - CD Album
  • Robert Calvert: Blueprints from the Cellar - CD Album
  • Robert Calvert: Live at the Carlisle Stars & Stripes - CD Album 2009
  • Krankschaft: The Flame Red Superstar - CD Album 2009

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