Dead Grandma

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Dead Grandma
Genre comedy, black comedy, surreal humor, parody
Created by Will Kindrick
Written by Will Kindrick
Courtney Branning
Matt Heder
Directed by

Will Kindrick

Courtney Branning
Starring Jon Heder
Matt Heder
Beverly Welsh
Shannon Mary Dixon
Nicholas Zaharias
Umberto Riva
Chase Bingham
Will Kindrick
Michael Coady
Don Lucas
Tony Hello
Courtney Branning
Opening theme

"Dead Grandma Theme Song" by Will Kindrick

performed & arranged by Soundstage
Composer(s) Garrick Hargrove, Amos Watene, Ben Lazarus, Ryan Augustine, Aaron Watene
Country of origin United States
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 10 (list of episodes)
Executive producer(s) Chad Perkins
Will Kindrick
Producer(s) Tom Morrill
Matt Heder
Tanya Brum da Silveira
Cinematography Chris Saul
Editor(s) Nate Fackrell
Running time 4-10 minutes
Production company(s) Mummy Space Island Productions
Picture format 1080i
Original release September 22, 2011 (2011-09-22) – present
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Dead Grandma is a 10-episode comedy Web series created by Will Kindrick. It is written by Kindrick, Courtney Branning, Matt Heder and is produced by Mummy Space Island Productions.[1] The series follows the life of a hapless young college student Andy (Matt Heder), whose grandma (Beverly Welsh) comes back from the dead to help him find love. The series is hosted by Jon Heder who begins each episode with a campy intro reminiscent of the openings of nostalgic shows such as Masterpiece Theater and The Wonderful World of Disney.

Each episode follows a two-act structure split up by the opening title sequence and theme song. The series is often abruptly interrupted by parody commercial breaks. A PSA starring a Dead Grandma cast member is also featured after the end credits of every episode.


Dead Grandma combines live action with an animated sky and cloud background. The production took place over the course of two weekends in March & April 2010. Filming locations included Art Center College of Design, Pasadena City College, Cafe 50's, Big Mama's Rib Shack and various locations in Pasadena and Studio City. The series was mentored by television and film director Jeremiah Chechick.


The writers often referred to the protagonist Andy as a self-deprecating Charlie Brown-type character from Peanuts since he is consistently bullied and fails and nearly everything he attempts. The tone of the series was heavily influenced by 1990s sitcoms such as Family Matters, Full House, Saved by the Bell, The Wonder Years, and The Simpsons.


Dead Grandma takes place in the fictional city of Notpasadena where Andy and his classmates attend the shady Notpasadena Community College.[2]


Main Characters

  • Series Host (Jon Heder)
  • Andy (Matt Heder)
  • Dead Grandma (Beverly Welsh)
  • Judy (Shannon Mary Dixon)
  • Meathead (Nicholas Zaharias)
  • Wiseguy #1 (Chase Bingham)
  • Wiseguy #2 (Will Kindrick)
  • Fabrizio (Umberto Riva)

Reoccurring Characters

  • Professor Hoskins (Michael Coady)
  • Mr Flugelmen (Don Lucas)
  • Stoner (Tony Hello)
  • Gus Gus (Conner Dean)
  • Mean Nerd (Erin Pearce)
  • The Fabrizihoes


Episode # Title Running Time Original Air Date
1 Library 5:34 September 20, 2011
2 Ice Cream 4:00 September 27, 2011
3 The Jacket 4:41 October 4, 2011
4 Wrong Crowd 4:26 October 11, 2011
5 Dirty Burlesque Tramp 4:21 October 18, 2011
6 Foreign Exchange Student 5:47 October 25, 2011
7 Job Interview 6:31 November 1, 2011
8 Drive In Movie 7:56 November 8, 2011
9 Pool Party 5:43 November 15, 2011
10 Finale 10:32 March 1, 2012



The Knife Fight praised the show as being "one of the more polished creations on the web today, boasting high production value as well as a hilariously original concept."[3] The trailer currently has a 92% rating[4] on Funny or Die.

Awards & nominations

Award Category Nominee Result
2012 HollyWebs Best Editing[5] Nate Fackrell, Will Kindrick Won
2012 ITN Festival Best Webisode[6] Will Kindrick, Matt Heder, Courtney Branning, Tom Morrill, Chad Perkins Won
2012 IFQ Festival Best Actor in a Webseries Jon Heder Won
2012 IFQ Festival Best Director of a Webisode[7] Will Kindrick Won
2012 HollyShorts Best Webseries[8] Will Kindrick, Matt Heder, Courtney Branning, Tom Morrill, Chad Perkins Nominated
2012 LA Comedy Fest Best Web Series Will Kindrick, Matt Heder, Courtney Branning, Tom Morrill, Chad Perkins Nominated
2012 LA Webfest Outstanding Comedy Series[9] Will Kindrick, Matt Heder, Courtney Branning, Tom Morrill, Chad Perkins Won
2012 LA Webfest Outstanding Original Score[9] Garrick Hargrove, Amos Watene, Ben Lazarus, Ryan Augustine Won
2012 LA Webfest Outstanding Original Theme song[9] Sound Stage Won
2012 LA Webfest Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy[9] Beverly Welsh Won


Original Score[edit]

The score was written and performed by Garrick Hargrove and heavily features ukulele, chimes and shakers. The theme song melody is often revisited and reprised throughout the score. Several other original songs were written for specific episodes including "Delicious Creamy Sweets" written & performed by Ben Lazarus and "Super Exciting Pirate Adventure Explosion the Move 2" written & performed by Amos Watene, Aaron Watene, Matt Heder, Will Kindrick and Ryan Augustine.

Theme Song[edit]

The theme song pays homage to classic campy 1950's-60's television series. The song was written by Will Kindrick and performed, arranged and recorded by the Brea California based a cappella group, "Soundstage".

Benefit Show[edit]

A benefit fundraiser concert was held July 30, 2010 on the roof top of the Fox Theater in Pomona CA to raise proceeds for the series. The show featured musical acts GOGO13, Digital Unicorn and Eyes Lips Eyes.


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