Dead Identities

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Dead Identities
Origin London, England
Genres Punk rock, rock and roll
Years active 2006–present
Members Keef Gibbs
Toby Retallick
Jimmy Sutherland
Jason Ludwig
Past members Jym Shambrook

Dead Identities are a Punk/Rock n Roll band from London, England.

They feature ex-members of the London quartet Drop Out Kids and New Zealand's Molly Says Go. Formed in 2006 the band started gaining notoriety after extensive touring in support of their debut album Music From The Waiting Room and headlining festivals including Soundwave Festival in Scarborough and Broekrock in the Netherlands.

Dead Identities have also featured on various soundtracks including EA's 2007 PlayStation Burnout Dominator with the track "Long Way Out", the popular Canadian show Degrassi: The Next Generation with the track "Got It Good", and more recently SEGA's 2010 PS3/Xbox release Vancouver 2010 (video game) which feature the tracks "Got It Good", "Long Way Out", and "Going Down".

Along the way, the band have been seen sharing the stage as well as supporting the likes of UK Subs, Eureka Machines, AntiProduct, The Glitterati, Acey Slade, and The Boomtown Rats amongst many others...

Dead Identities have to-date released two full-length albums, 2007's Music From The Waiting Room and the long-awaited follow up Bad Cats And Heart Attacks in 2010 and was co-produced and engineered by Lee Wray.

The band released a brand new single in August 2012 entitled God Bless Your Black Heart. It has also been confirmed that the band are currently rehearsing more new songs, and writing for their as yet untitled third album.


  • Keef Gibbs – Vocals, guitar
  • Toby Retallick – Lead guitar, vocals
  • Jimmy Sutherland – Bass, vocals
  • Jason Ludwig – Drums, vocals



  • Music for the Waiting Room (Yesterday's Gone, 2007)
  • Bad Cats And Heart Attacks (Play Dead Records, 2010)


  • "Going Down" (2006)
  • "What's Your Point of View?" (Yesterday's Gone, 2008)
  • "Because" (Free Christmas download 2009)
  • "God Bless Your Black Heart" (Play Dead Records, 2012)


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