Dead Man's Cards

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Dead Man's Cards
Directed by James Marquand
Produced by Phil Evers
Steve Corless
Mathew Whyte
Written by James McMartin and James Marquand
Starring Paul Barber
Robin John Barlow
Tom Bell
Reg Edwards
Lisa Parry
Music by Bernd West
Cinematography Mathew Whyte
Edited by Sigvaldi J. Karason
Distributed by Showbox Media Group
Release dates
December 15, 2006
Running time
110 min.
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Budget GBP£500,000

Dead Man's Cards is a 2006 British underworld drama starring Paul Barber and James McMartin. When Tom (James McMartin) suffers a bad eye injury his boxing career comes to an end, and his marriage begins to suffer. After a chance encounter at the gym, Tom is offered a job working as a door man for the same run down night club as Paul (Paul Barber), a tough looking man who likes to use his knuckle duster.

Paul is a volatile man with a history of violence and after learning of Tom's background in boxing he takes him under his wing to teach him the ways of being a door man. Tom soon falls in love with the bar maid for the club and his loyalties are put to the ultimate test as Paul gets increasingly more in trouble with violent gangsters from the area.

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