Dead Man's Hill

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Dead Man's Hill
Origin Belgium
Genres Martial
Death Industrial
Years active 1998–present
Labels Beast of Prey
War Office Propaganda
Bugs Crawling Out of People
Old Europa Cafe
Members Bart Piette

Dead Man's Hill is an electronic, death industrial, martial, neo-classical and post-industrial band founded in 1998 by Bart Piette, originally with the name "The Klinik And The Mortuary". The name was changed because of possible confusion with existing bands The Klinik and The Mortuary.


  • Descend au Tombeau (CDr, 2005)
  • Legion (CDr, 2005)
  • We Will Live For Eternity (CDr, 2005)
  • Esoterica Orde De Dagon (CDr, 2005)
  • Pimentola / Dead Man's Hill split disc (CDr, 2005)
  • Lakes of Sacrifice (CD, 2006)
Lakes of Sacrifice was released in 2006 on Canadian label Bugs Crawling Out of People. It was the first CD release from Dead Man's Hill, as previous discs had been limited edition and produced on CD-R format. It also marks the first time that Dead Man's Hill have done a collaborative track and had one of their tracks remixed. Spoken Wordcore artist it-clings provides the vocals for "Sacrifice of Subscription" and dependent recording artist Fractured remix "Legions of Coldness".
Lakes of Sacrifice
Studio album by Dead Man's Hill
Released October 20, 2006
Genre Industrial
Length 1:07:13
Label Bugs Crawling Out of People
Track listing
  1. "Sacrifice of Subscription" (with it-clings)
  2. "Legion of Coldness"
  3. "Sacrifice Before Harvest Moon"
  4. "Yigael"
  5. "Sacrifice"
  6. "Kabbalistic Speculations"
  7. "Eyeball"
  8. "In Other Flesh"
  9. "Death by Fire"
  10. "Vous-deux"
  11. "Gard enz"
  12. "Legion of Coldness" (fractured remix)
  • Lakes of Sacrifice (Bonus disc) (CDr, 2006, limited 50 copies)
  • The Demons of Death (CDr, 2006)
  • Dog Burial (CD, 2007)

Side projects[edit]

  • Clophill
  • Alle Sagen Ja
  • IM4N (Industrial Masturbation For Neandertal)
  • Experiments in Darkness

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