Dead Mine

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Dead Mine
Directed by Steven Sheil
Produced by Mike Wiluan
Nick North
Daniel Davila
Catherine Davila
Written by Ziad Semaan
Steven Sheil
Starring Ario Bayu
Joe Taslim
Mike Lewis
Jaitov Tigor
Miki Mizuno
Sam Hazeldine
Les Loveday
Carmen Soo
James Taenaka
Music by Charlie Mole
Cinematography John Radel
Edited by Azhar Ismon
Distributed by HBO Asia
Release date
  • September 27, 2012 (2012-09-27) (Singapore)
  • January 3, 2013 (2013-01-03)
Running time
87 minutes
Country Indonesia
Language English

Dead Mine is a 2012 Indonesian horror film directed by Steven Sheil and starring Ario Bayu and Joe Taslim. The Film was produced by Infinite Frameworks, the production house before working on the musical animated film Meraih Mimpi (Achieved a dream) in 2009. Filming and production of the film was done in the filming facility integrated in Batam Island.


Warren Price (Les Loveday), the son of a millionaire, is on a mission to explore a former Japanese military bunker on the island of Una-Una, Gulf of Tomini, Sulawesi, together with Japanese scientist Rie (Miki Mizuno), and Price's girlfriend Su-Ling (Carmen Soo). They are escorted by a team of mercenaries, consisting of Captain Tino Prawa (Ario Bayu), Djoko (Joe Taslim), Richard (Mike Lewis), and Sergeant Papa Snake (Jaitov Tigor). After being ambushed by pirates, the group are forced inside an abandoned Japanese military bunker where they become trapped. Wounded and desperate, they descend into the mine in search of a way out. It is revealed that Price actually wants to search for Yamashita's gold in the mine. Their search leads to some surprising findings; it transpires the bunker is a chemical and biological weapons research facility where the Japanese used prisoners of war as subjects for experiments. Worse yet, these monstrous test subjects still inhabit the mine. The treasure quest turned into a mission of life and death, the team must face these mysterious and deadly enemies.[1]



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