Dead on Target (film)

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Dead On Target
Genre Action
Written by Norman Klenman
Directed by Joseph L. Scanlan
Starring Ray Danton
Gay Rowan
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
Executive producer(s) Stanley Colbert
Producer(s) R.H. Anderson
Wendy Riche (associate producer)
Location(s) Vancouver
Cinematography Kelly Duncan
Editor(s) Stan Cole
Running time 77 min
Production company(s) 20th Century Fox Television
Distributor ABC
Original network ABC
Original release March 17, 1976

Dead on Target (also titled Our Man Flint: Dead On Target) is the third and final film in the Our Man Flint movie trilogy. The film originally aired on ABC on March 17, 1976 and was shot in Vancouver, British Columbia. The TV movie was a pilot for a possible weekly series, but it did not get good enough ratings to warrant such, and the aptly titled Dead On Target became the last Derek Flint movie.

Ray Danton replaces James Coburn as Derek Flint, who like the 1975 American TV series Matt Helm, is now a private detective and former Z.O.W.I.E. government agent. The cast also includes Sharon Acker, Susan Sullivan, Lawrence Dane. Linda Woods, Donnelly Rhodes, Richard H. Campbell and Kim Cattrall.


As with the first two Flint movies, the story takes place on a different earth in a parallel universe. In Our Man Flint, for example, "007" is "0008" (the S.P.E.C.T.R.E. mentioned there is the earth-2 version, spelled "SPECKTER" in the shooting script). And in In Like Flint, the U.S. President in 1967 is "Trent" (not Lyndon B. Johnson). Dead On Target continues this tradition by having B.E.S.L.A. be from a mythical middle east kingdom.

Derek Flint agrees to teach a pretty young woman named Benita Ryders (Gay Rowan) how to be a private eye. Their first mission together has them facing a group of terrorists called B.E.S.L.A. ("Bar El Sol Liberation Army"), who have kidnapped an oil executive. They rescue him and put B.E.S.L.A. out of business.

DVD release[edit]

Dead On Target was released by Fox as part of the "Ultimate Flint Collection " DVD set.

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