Dead River (Lake County, Florida)

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Dead River
Origin Lake Eustis
Mouth Lake Harris
Location Florida, United States
Source elevation 18 m (59 ft)

The Dead River, found in Lake County, Florida, serves as the division between the cities of Tavares and Leesburg. It received its name due to lack of a current. Studies[which?] have shown that a simple john boat can remain in nearly same position if left on the river overnight with less than five feet of drift. The Dead River connects Lake Eustis and Lake Harris. The only roadway to cross the river is U.S. Highway 441/SR 44 near the river's northern mouth toward Lake Eustis. As of 2013 there are two businesses directly on the river. These are Dead River Vic's, then known as JJ Fin's restaurant, now known as Hurricanes, and a fish camp named Palm Gardens. Dead River marina is not located on the Dead river. For a historical look at Lake County waters, this was written in the 1930s:[by whom?]

Amid the slopes and waters of beautiful Lake County, are Leesburg, Eustis, Tavares, and Mount Dora, all possessed of excellent tourist accommodations and such natural and man-made beauty, combined with all sorts of sport advantages, that the sport-loving visitor is thrilled. Bass fishing surpasses anything you have ever known in that line. Citrus fruits and other products abound. Golf courses are found in every community. As an all-year resort section, this is hard to equal.

On June 18, 2003, Brian Griffin, 12, was killed by a 10' 4" alligator while swimming in the Dead River near a boat ramp.


Coordinates: 28°48′49″N 81°45′48″W / 28.81361°N 81.76333°W / 28.81361; -81.76333