Batman: Dead White

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Batman: Dead White
Batman Dead White.jpg
Cover of Batman: Dead White  (2006)
AuthorJohn Shirley
CountryUnited States
GenreSuperhero fiction
PublisherDel Rey
Publication date
25 July 2006
Media typePrint (Paperback)
Pages320 pg
Followed byBatman: Inferno 

Batman: Dead White is a novel written by John Shirley, based upon the DC Comics superhero Batman. It is the first book in a trilogy of Batman-themed novels published by Del Rey Books.

Publication history[edit]

Batman: Dead White was written by cyberpunk/science fiction author John Shirley and was published exclusively in paperback format on 25 July 2006 by Del Rey Books. The novel was released in audiobook format by GraphicAudio on 1 July 2009.[1]


A racist militia leader has decided to test out his murderous assets on Batman before taking his attacks to Washington D.C.


  • Bruce Wayne/The Batman – a vigilante early in his crime fighting career that has taken it upon himself to protect Gotham City from a vast criminal underworld. Little does the public know that the Batman is secretly an alias of Bruce Wayne, a famed billionaire philanthropist and resident of Gotham.
  • White Eyes – a racist militia leader whose high-profile crimes have caught the attention of the vigilante known as the Batman. Due to the heavy usage of steroids, White Eyes is more than a physical match for the inexperienced Dark Knight.
  • Captain James Gordon – a young captain of the Gotham City Police Department who is secretly allied with the Batman.
  • Alfred Pennyworth – Bruce Wayne's trusted butler and closest ally.
  • Lieutenant Burkhart – a GCPD lieutenant who stands against the Batman.
  • Teia – a love interest of Bruce Wayne's.


On 31 October 2006, a sequel was published by Del Rey Books titled Batman: Inferno, written by Alex Irvine. Batman: Inferno introduced the Joker into the series as well as an original villain known as Enfer. The novel focuses on Batman, still early in his career, attempting to defeat the two supervillains and end their criminal activity.

On 27 February 2007, Del Rey published a third book titled Batman: Fear Itself, written by authors Michael Reaves and Steven-Elliot Altman. Batman: Fear Itself focuses on Batman's early encounters with the Scarecrow.

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