Dead and Buried (Bernice Summerfield)

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Dead and Buried
Bernice Summerfield Dead and Buried intro.jpg
Directed by Alex Mallinson
Written by Eddie Robson, John Ainsworth, Alex Mallinson
Produced by John Ainsworth
Executive producer(s) David Richardson
Nicholas Briggs
Jason Haigh-Ellery
Series Bernice Summerfield
Length 1 episode, 9 mins.
Originally broadcast 31 August 2010
Doctor Who episodes (1963–1989)
Doctor Who episodes (2005–present)

Dead and Buried is an animated webcast based on the Doctor Who spin-off series Bernice Summerfield. It was released free to watch on the official Big Finish YouTube channel on 31 August 2010. It's set between the stories Secret Origins and Resurrecting the Past.


Whilst Bernice waits for Irving Braxiatel's next actions, she goes to the planet Javarda to do some excavating on a site of ruins from an undiscovered civilization. But whilst there a bigger threat is waiting hidden for her to find.



It was first released on the official Big Finish Productions YouTube channel to watch on 31 August 2010.[1]


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