Dead in the Water (Midsomer Murders)

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"Dead in the Water"
Midsomer Murders episode
Episode no. Season 8
Episode 2
Directed by Renny Rye
Written by Douglas Watkinson
Original air date 17 October 2004
Guest appearance(s)

Adrian Lukis (Phillip Trent)
William Scott-Masson (John Parkway)
Benedick Blythe (Guy Sweetman)
Diana Quick (Claire Bonavita)
Clemency Burton-Hill (Hettie Trent)
Mark Frost (Vic Lynton)

Episode chronology
← Previous
"Things that go bump in the night"
Next →
"Orchis Fatalis"
List of Midsomer Murders episodes

Dead in the Water is the second episode of the eighth season of British television show Midsomer Murders and the thirty seventh episode overall. It stars John Nettles as Detective Chief Inspector Tom Barnaby and John Hopkins as Detective Sergeant Dan Scott. The boating scenes were filmed in Henley, Oxfordshire.[1]


Barnaby is persuaded by his wife to take a day out at the Midsomer Regatta. He is soon called into action however, when a body appears during a race. He discovers it is Guy Sweetman, a member of the club, and something of a ladies man. Barnaby tries to solve both the murder, and a spate of robberies in the area, which ultimately prove to be connected.


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