Dead in the West

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Dead in the West
Author Joe R. Lansdale
Cover artist Colleen Doran
Country United States
Language English
Publisher Night Shade Books
Publication date
1986 this version 2005
Media type Print hardcover,
Pages 148
ISBN 1-597800-14-7
Preceded by Texas Night Riders (1983)
Followed by The Magic Wagon (1986)

Dead in the West is a short horror novel written by American author Joe R. Lansdale. It involves the tale of longtime Lansdale character the Reverend Jebediah Mercer: he rides into the town of Mud Creek, Texas that is about to be attacked by an Indian medicine man who was unjustly lynched by the town inhabitants. Soon the dead will rise and seek human flesh and the Reverend finds himself right in the middle of it. He aligns himself with the town doctor and two of the town's inhabitants, Abbey and David. Together they fight the zombie horde and try to dispatch the medicine man who is the cause of all the evil.[1][2][3]


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