Dead or Alive: Final

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Dead or Alive: Final
Directed by Takashi Miike
Produced by Yoshihiro Masuda
Makoto Okada
Written by Hitoshi Ishikawa
Yoshinobu Kamo
Ichiro Ryu
Starring Riki Takeuchi
Show Aikawa
Music by Kōji Endō
Cinematography Kazunari Tanaka
Edited by Shuuwa Kōgen
Distributed by Daiei (Japan)
Sony Pictures (US)
Release date
Japan January 12, 2002
United States November 29, 2002
Running time
89 minutes
Country Japan
Language Japanese

Dead or Alive: Final is a 2002 Japanese cyberpunk science fiction film directed by Takashi Miike. It is the third in a three-part series, preceded by Dead or Alive in 1999 and Dead or Alive 2: Birds in 2000. The films are not connected in any apparent way except by director Takashi Miike and stars Riki Takeuchi and Show Aikawa. Besides Japanese, a lot of the dialog in the film is in Cantonese and some is in English. Often two people will talk to each other using different languages.


  • Show Aikawa as Ryō
  • Maria Chen as Michelle
  • Richard Chen as Dictator Woo
  • Jason Chu as Prisoner
  • Josie Ho as Jun
  • Tony Ho as Ping
  • Hiroyoshi Komuro
  • Ken Lo as Gangster
  • Rachel Ngan as Pregnant Woman
  • Don Tai as Don
  • Riki Takeuchi as Officer Takeshi Honda
  • William Tuen as Gangster
  • Terence Yin as Fong

Other credits[edit]

  • Film Editing by: Shuuwa Kōgen
  • Production Manager: Hirofumi Yamabe
  • Assistant Directors
    • Kimiyoshi Adachi
    • Masato Tanno
  • Action choreographer: Chung Chi Li
  • Produced by:
    • Toshiki Kimura: associate producer for Excellent Film
    • Mitsuru Kurosawa: executive producer for Toei Video
    • Yoshihiro Masuda: producer for Daiei
    • Makoto Okada: producer for Toei Video
    • Ken Takeuchi: planner
    • Tsutomu Tsuchikawa: executive producer for Daiei

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